The adventurous kid

It was a sunny evening and I was lying on my special Cinderella mat piece. I was almost asleep but something woke me up suddenly. My battery car, which I thought was lost for a long time, was lying under the television set. This toy was in particular, my favorite. It would always twinkle its pretty lights when it starts running. Also, it never hit the wall. Many of my toys were never that intelligent to not hit the wall. So, this was an obvious favorite.

It had been lost for quite some time and I was really worried about it. The moment I knew it was missing, I tried to communicate to my mother that I had just missed my favorite toy. But pity her, she didn’t get my language. Grown ups!

And today, finally, I found it. The big T.V set had been too greedy to take up my things, even as it had a lot of cartoon characters into it. Greedy TV !

Thanks to my Cinderella bed. Had it not been there on the floor on that spot, I would have not found the culprit.

I try to get up but, but due to laziness, my eyelids automatically close!

Oops! kids are not supposed to be lazy. Sorry, the author has a Grown Up syndrome too!

I spur into action as I get to my new found position on my knees and stride towards the TV set to fight with it. I reach till the TV set and then realize that I don’t have any previous experiences of fighting with it. Had it been my mom, I knew her greatest weakness- her hair. But what about TV sets?

I was confused. I stay a little longer under it trying to think about different ways. I turn around to call my mom for help but then I notice that she is fast asleep. I can wake her up, which is not a big deal. But if she doesn’t understand the importance of the situation and act fast, the TV might hide my toy somewhere else in its big body.

Analyzing all these facts, I spring into action myself and bend down deep so that my round body enters the lower space of the TV set. I am greeted by a few lizards and ants, who are my regular friends. They often play the game of hide and seek with me as I chase behind them to catch them. But I don’t understand why mom screams every time she a lizard. Again, the Grown Up syndrome I believe!

But today, I don’t have time to play with them as my single minded target is my toy car. I dig deep inside it and meet a few more cob-webs. But they never tire me. I try even more harder and finally reach my goal.

Now that I picked the car up, I didn’t know how to come out of the TV set. This big giant has engulfed me and here I lay unable to move. I use my emergency siren and cry load with rage.

Some one came running to rescue me. That was my mommy’s hand. I could recognize it. Also I hear a laugh behind her. What had happened?

It was then that I recognized that my daddy had been there all the while and instead of helping me, he had been taping the my whole adventure! Should I be angry or happy?


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