Friends Forever

Mid way of third semester, at the end of some boring class, I started to scribble some words on the paper which turned out to be a poem. I was about to make the paper into a ball and throw it away. But my friend next to me grabbed the book before I could do. Probably she was even more bored, I guess.

She read it and gave a look at me. A very puzzled look after which she scribbled something and passed the book. It is one among the most common means of communication when the teacher is strict or  for teachers who asks questions when she spots you talking.

Now I don’t understand that! The teacher very well knows that I was not listening, but still asks me questions on it. And when you keenly listen to it, the questions would be often on topics that are yet to be covered.

Coming back to the write back reply from my friend, I expected something like, ‘Have you gone nuts?’ or ‘Which guy is it?’ (with a question mark eyebrow) or ‘Happy that the lecture is more boring to you than me.’

But the thing is, a totally different thing was written in it.

‘Good one! When did you become a poet?’

And that was the moment when I really became a poet.

That didn’t stop. The book was passed on to all the three in my gang. Everyone bored and at the verge of closing their eyes flashed a smile at me saying it was good.

That was the moment I got inspired and turned optimistic about writing. Had that class not been there, had I not scribbled anything, had I listened to the class, things would have been a lot more different today.

Those small poems and short stories turned into a blog. My blog may not be famous or sort after. But it means something to me. Today, writing has become a part of me, like a soul mate. Had they not been there in my life at that time, I would have missed a perfect match of mine which completes me.

‘Life without a friend is just a void.’

They are like a life support to me whom I can cling to whenever I feel alone or aloof. We may get mad and have catty quarrels many a times but most often we laugh till tears leak out of our eyes.

The term ‘laughing to death’, made no sense till I met you girls. Every day and every second with you is memorable and I wish this life never ends.

I started this post with a funny note but it turned out to be a bit emotional. No doubt that this will again end tickling your ribs with the comments they come up with when I share this post.



  1. prachichowatia · March 14, 2015

    I wanna copy this to my blog 😛

  2. prachichowatia · March 14, 2015

    Ty :*

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