A choice

I was stuck between two worlds, two paths, two goals. One goal was mine and the other was of my parents’. I had to choose any one. Only one, though.

My score in the exams were up to the mark for reaching a professional course, which was their dream. But I had a lot other plans. There was only one problem between me and my dream of reaching my goal. I had to talk, talk to my parents and make them understand how much my dream meant to me, which I was not confident about.

I loved art. I loved the colors and their mixtures. I had a special feeling towards them. I believed that every single picture spoke a special language with me, which I could alone understand. The feel was unique and different.

Initially, I used to paint only when I was depressed or stressed. But later it became a habit. When I came to know that my parents were not very much happy with me sitting alone with my pallet, I made it a secret habit. I would open my canvas only when they were asleep.

But now, it was time for me to bring everything to light. To make them know, to make them understand. But I had no clue how to do it.

I glanced at my desk and there were a dozen application forms to almost all the professional colleges in town piled up. But I could only see my half hidden pallet beneath it, but not the fluttering papers above. I had to tell them. But how and when was not known.

I gently closed my room’s door without any thud and picked up my color filled pallet. I smelled the paint and its unique smell. It made me fall deeper in love with it. All my paintings were a picturization of my feeling. When I was happy, they smiled with me and when I was sad, they cried with me. All my secrets were known to them and them only.

I heard someone calling me. When I turned back nothing was present other than my canvas. I picked it up and set the stand. My pallet glided in my hand with all the mixtures that I tried. And I started painting in my canvas, without any idea what it would turn to be.

My brushed stroked the sheet in smooth strides and everything my mind said was reflected in it. I completed it and took a step back to get a clear view. That was the time I realized I had lost my heart and soul to the art in front of me and without it I would just be a machine that could just roam around.

I had made the decision now. I had the confidence now. And I was more sure that they would understand!

P.S: Every dream is achievable when there is a strong deter and confidence towards it. Break off the obstacles in your way, for you have got only one dream and one life!



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