Age old love

The old women,

Traced along the road,

Into her lone home.


The same walls,

The same smell,

But the feel, different.


With graying hair,

And wrinkled skin,

Pain prevailed on her knee.


She rested,

On her easy,

As the memories rolled by.


The time was then,

She entered in,

Hand in hand with the charming ‘him’.


The time was then,

Her crawler son,

Went muddy in garden.


The time was then,

She balanced on,

Her teen girl’s wheel.


‘The time’ faded with winter,

Bloomed with spring,

And blew away with the wind.


The time finally came,

When she wade a sweet good bye,

To her loved souls.


She hid her longing tears,

To make them feel better,

Pampering with a bear hug.


A ring on her phone,

Expects you, but none.

Her love unaltered.


Alone she rests,

Our old women.

Memories still afresh !




Old Lady 01



  1. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder · April 11, 2015

    Touching lines and something we really happen to see in this world…

    • Sara · April 11, 2015

      Glad you got the theme 🙂
      Yea, most of our old people seek care and lots of love..

  2. Nitin Sharma · April 27, 2015


    • Sara · April 27, 2015

      glad you liked 🙂

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