I Cherish it !

Holding your hand,

With a bruise along.

Your broad palm,

And the tip of your fingers,

I Cherish it !


The half trimmed bread,

Feels rough on my hand.

Stings the sweet kiss,

Still a lovely prick.

I Cherish it !


The twinkle in your eyes,

The moment we meet.

Your caring sight,

Towering to protect me.

I Cherish it !


Deep thoughts conceding,

That small faint smile.

Speaking the language,

That we alone decipher.

I Cherish it !


….Sara 🙂



  1. Prachi · April 20, 2015

    Nice 🙂 :*

    • Sara · April 20, 2015

      thank you 🙂
      Glad you read at this time 😛

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