John Nash – A beautiful mind- movie review.

I was not about to write a review for this movie until I heard that John Nash, the inspiration for the lead of this movie passed away in a car crash. The bizarre event is this..

I watched the movie, ‘A beautiful mind’, yesterday for the first time. I wanted to Google up some facts as it was a real life incident. Naturally, we are interested in other’s lives than us. Well, I just pointed out the success stories of social media in a single line. Bravo!

Anyways, coming back to John Nash, before I could dig up his life ,the newspapers and TV channels flashed the news about ‘the fatal car accident’ in which ,he and his wife, for whom I developed a great respect due to her portrayal in the movie, passed away.

Should they die only after ‘I’ see the movie?

So, I decided to make you all see the movie too. Yea, to pass on the odd occurrence.

It would have been an old prototypical movie, if not for the roller coaster twist and turns in the second half. The movie starts with John Nash entering the Princeton University right after the world war. His roommate Charles, supports him with every deed and they become close.

He doesn’t believe in the theory of attending classes. Nope, not the reason that we stick to! He believes in seeing things beyond the books. Struggling to come up with a ground breaking theory, he works day and night. After a lot of struggles he comes up with one and gets into Wheeler Labs.

Meanwhile, his inability to connect with women are often portrayed until he finally meets the love of his life, Alicia. Things go on well until he meets Mr. Parcher from the department of defense. Together, Mr.Parcher and John work on breaking a secret plot by the Russians, which they believe to be coded in the magazines.

The twists take place here when John is suddenly taken away in the middle of a conference by few men of Dr.Rosen. The reason being stated that John is down with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Which simply means that John imagines things which are not real. And those ‘things’ will really quiz you.

The rest of the movie is about how he copes with the disorder and comes out of it. Well, he doesn’t really get completely cured, I guess. Alicia stays with him throughout his odd phase which puts forward a regard to that women.

It ends with a happy note of John Nash being nominated for the Nobel Prize. It’s a reputable movie with a pleasing end. Apt to catch it when you are not in a fun mood. The ratings are about 8.2/10 which is not bad at all !

This movie was inspired from a book by Sylvia Nasar. Do go for the book if you get it, as a few facts are being left behind in the movie (as always!)

Thanks folks for reading. Have a cheerful day and spread it on too!


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