In love, with the moon.

There was a little girl,

By the mulberry bush,

Looking with awe,

At the moon above.


The moon gazed at her,

Mesmerized with her tender,

glistening beauty,

And let a naughty twinkle.


Thrilled was she,

Excited she danced,

As her heart danced along,

To the moon far and above.


She saw him every night,

Thought he came just for her,

Pity the little girl,

Living in her own dream.


Her friends picked at her,

People around teased her,

Yet, nothing could push her down,

Only did her deter snowball.


She lost all her sleep,

Just to look at him.

She sang gleeful songs,

Just for him to listen.


The moon was still and calm,

As if never heeding,

To the poor girl’s love,

Still, waiting for her every night.


Then came a day,

When she tip-toed and jumped,

Just to reach his heart,

Impuissant, tears flooded out.


Touched and heart melted,

The unreachable moon,

Came to her reach,

And wiped off her rolling tears.


Thrilled by his move,

She hugged him tight and never let go,

As he took her along as a shining star,

And they lived happily ever after!




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