The stars shine down by Sidney Sheldon- a book review

On the way while wiping off my tears, I felt the need to write a review for this book of my all time favorite author, Sydney Sheldon. The tears were for the end of the book and if you don’t get any, please don’t blame me blame your tear glands who screwed you. Here goes the review..

Lara Cameron, the Iron Butterfly, a real estate tycoon is about a throw a birthday bash for about 200 guests at the Cameron Towers, the largest tower among all put up on earth. But she couldn’t foresee the obstacles that are laid her way that could make a bad tumble. Her passion for the buildings, her thirst which remains unfulfilled deep down in her heart and the search for that recognizable man, all of these leads to the thrilling journey down the book.

What I felt..

At first you pour in sympathy and feel pity for that poor little girl. Then your rage arouses against her careless, drunk father. After that you can foresee the good times the girl will be in. When she gets trapped in a deal and is about to lose everything, our heart burdens for the armature girl who is about to get in bed with a scoundrel. We feel genuine happiness when every layman drops down at the building to help her out.

As the iron butterfly ( a term, nicely coined) spreads her wings and glides through the air, we feel not so great for all the tack-ticks that she follows. Still, how can we let down the heroine of the play? We follow her quite close until she meets her Lochinvar, Philip Alder. And the stars really shine down on them!

As every Sydney Sheldon book has a mandatory twist, this book is no lone star. And yes, the turns are indeed unexpected (well, maybe). But it was a great book with great thoughts hidden.

The description..

Now if there is something I can strongly recommend and persuade you towards this book, it’s the description that Sheldon puts forward. Be it for her growth, or for love or for sex (sex indeed!). You will love his imagination!


The Google books give a 4 on 5 and its over 3.6 by good reads. I would go with Google and give it a 4. Go head on heels in love with this book and the stars will shine down for you!



  1. Thea · 10 Days Ago

    I love this book! I read this 15years ago..this is one of the first books i read..and i still remember the story..great imagination and story

    • Sara · 8 Days Ago

      Wow! Glad it triggered a good memory of yours 🙂 Happy reading!

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