You’re the password to my life by Sudeep Nagarkar – a book review

One fine Sunday morning, I forgot the password to my Facebook account, that led me to read this book. Irony is it! Ha!

If you feel like banging your head somewhere reading what I just wrote above, that is exactly what I felt throughout my journey with this book. Wait, so this is not a hate post. I have a few positives too!

The very loooooooooong texts…

Possibly the author might have misinterpreted the meaning of SMS (SHORT message service) to something else that all the messages in the book were abnormally long. Who exactly pays your mobile bill ,dear author?

Grammar error :/

Was it only me who was able to spot silly and simple grammar errors at almost many pages of the book or was it you too? Please, tell me I am not the only one.

Name chaos

The author might have felt sleepy sometime, I guess, that he was confused over his own plot. Instead of naming the lead role, at a point of time, he named a side role. In the history of my voracious reading career I have never experienced this with any other book. And not to mention, my copy is not a duplicated one. It was a damn original one direct from OLX.

Misconception about FB, Groupon, Orkut, Gtalk, etc, etc, etc.

If you plan to read the book ,you will be left at a miserable position in a particular chapter where the author specifies a character in the plot using Orkut. He might have wanted to justify the fact that the story took place a long time ago when FB was not so famous. I don’t derive this theory, he has exactly specified this.

But, TADA! Here comes the blown up train! The very next chapter’s title is…’Candy Crush my heart’.

It doesn’t stop there. He has also described how his cousin managed to book a deal for him on ‘GROUPON’. Seriously, are you kidding me?

Filmy twists..

I don’t want to give away the spoilers, but many twists which were supposed to be so, were way too filmy. I can accept that things may happen in our lives which may resemble films or may be more than that. But the story line goes like, taking the script of three Indian movies in a random order and sticking it together in a mixed manner. TADA! Here goes the book!

Too much of narration

The description that goes on feels like the book walks on forever. It’s dragged on too much at unwanted places. The emphasis that he makes about the title of the book is dealt with in too many places that at some point I lost all my interest with its name.

Positive side…(finally)

I must really say that I am indeed glad to pick up some good points about the book. The cover is attractive and sun shines at least in that. The author has expressed the emotions well even if it is over expressed in some places.

Writing a book is not a joke! The man has done it and deserves kudos for that alone at least. He has completed the book with a happy ending, which may be is a better thing to say.

And finally this book was made unforgettable by my friends. Yea! it was a birthday gift !

The first page of the book was filled by them for me, which is the most memorable thing than the entire printed content put together!

Thank you guys, in case you are reading this 😛

So, my rating for the book would be 2.5. You can may be grab it on if you are a die-hard fan of the author. Else embrace yourself, you are bound to die.

You’re the password to my life, OOPS! I forgot the password, again!




  1. himanju23 · June 26, 2015

    Interesting name 🙂

  2. Ananya Kiran · June 27, 2015

    Very interesting post ..

    My First Vlog

    • Sara · June 27, 2015

      thank u ananya 🙂

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