Gray Mountain by John Grisham- a book review

Samantha Kofer, a middle aged lawyer who was not worried about the world, let alone saving it, a week back, finds herself at The Mountain Legal Aid Clinic which specializes in saving the coal field workers. Kicked out of her job from a New York multinational, she lands in Appalachia, Virginia as an unpaid intern.

Life turns a 360 degree for this mid-age associate as she get her hands on a real trail lawyer’s job. But she finally understands that her new job is a ton worthy than her old one. Her elation when she solves real life problems for real people rather than helping milliners-already become billionaires has a worthy lesson to learn.

Virginia turns an adventure for Samantha from day 1, when she meets Donovan Gray, a typical hilly-billy come trail lawyer who takes on big cases. As Samantha turns to work to work for Donovan’s aunt Mattie they grow even closer. The plot revolves around the Gray brothers, Jeff and Donovan and their ancestral property, the Gray mountain. Gray mountain, then a mountain but now stands just a humiliated mass of rocks, a victim to the coal companies.

As the Gray brothers chase the fight with the big boys representing the coal companies, Samantha gets trapped between them and unknowingly joins the Gray clan. Her escapade with the hilly-billes and the answer to the one question- ‘Will she stay at the Mountain Aid Clinic and help her clients or run off to her high life at New York?’ , puts the book on the verge of ‘un-droppable-ness’

As always, the history of every character is revealed on time for the drama. And of course it helps building up the tell-tale. The twist and turns mid-way the book gave a real impact to me and Grisham has done his job well.

Yet another courtroom drama from John Grisham. Still, a worthy read. This book has some valuable life lessons about passion and destiny. So why wait? Grab a copy and get going!

P.S: thanks, to the junior friend who lent me the book 🙂

grey moun


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