The kitchen Queen

Home alone time is always cooking time. I once wanted a break from the cooking chores, not because I was tired of cooking but I was too lazy. I picked up my mobile to order something but my bad, I found nothing interesting.

I suddenly became too eager to invent my own dish. Opening the refrigerator I poked my head into it with a hope that I would find some miracle ingredient. But all I was left was a bowl of Pasta. I didn’t let my cooking spirits down but continued my search through every shelf of the refrigerator.

Luckily many vegetables were available. I pulled out everything that I wanted and headed towards the kitchen. What I forgot to think about was the recipe for the dish.

I started cutting vegetables and when I was thinking about the dish an amazing idea crossed my mind. I wanted to make my own sauce for the dish. I took as many tomatoes that were available and started with a puree.

*I would like to censor the rest of the my adventure with the sauce for the well being of the readers*

Once the sauce was ready I mixed all the vegetables, the pasta and my secret sauce and let it  blend. The aroma was great and I was really excited about the dish.

Once it was ready I scooped a spoonful of it and took it near my mouth. Some inner voice asked me not to taste it. Poor me, I shoved away the inner voice only to face the disaster.

I remembered to do everything but it never stuck my mind that I am supposed to grate the tomatoes. Everything in it was raw, smelt raw and tasted raw. That was the single moment when I pitied the animals which ate everything raw.

I was left alone at home in a miserable state with an extra large bowl full of my ‘secret pasta’.

I swore that day  that I would never, ever try anything new when I was hungry and ALONE.

Had there been ‘tiny owl’ to save me, I would have slept in peace that night. And thus I feel this app is a basic necessity like clothing and shelter, to save you in the time of crisis for food.

I would also strongly recommend the new boyfriends to download it quick when your lovely lady is busy in the kitchen cooking your favorite dish to impress you.

Tiny owl holds many interesting search patterns which makes it more interesting. The interface is also friendly. Its exciting treats leaves us surprised every time we enter the app.

So grab your mobile and save yourself from food crisis to get tiny owled ! Cheers !

Android link

iOS link

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