The little puppy

There were two little kids,
Playing in the garden,
Her deep blue eyes, he admired,
His quick witty charm, she blushed for.

They flew along the wind,
In the plush green garden,
And shared whispered secrets,
Just like the soft rustle of the leaves.

A tiny naughty puppy,
Came along their way,
As their teeny toes ran behind,
To scoop him up and play.

Their hearts jumped,
With every tiny leap he made,
And their lips giggled,
With every waggle of his tail.

They played until the sun waded off to sleep,
And the moon stretched out of bed,
They played until the birds chirped goodbye,
And the flowers dropped to sleep.

The little boy was elated with joy,
As his spirits refused to fall,
He reluctantly pulled on the sheets,
Eager for the next day to arise.

Then came the new dawn,
As he ran down to the garden,
The puppy came springing,
But the girl, nowhere to be seen.

He waited for his angel,
Along with the puppy,
But as every minute passed,
His spirits fell like the autumn leaves.

He came back the next day,
With a ray of new hope,
But deep down he knew,
The ray was about to be smudged.

The puppy came wagging its tail,
Happy as it was always,
But the kid’s heart was scared of memories,
Refraining to even touch the pup.

The puppy came back running to him,
No matter how hard he pushed it away,
Pity the poor puppy,
Unaware of the veil in humans!



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