Discovering Happiness

The first ever fairytale I read had a handsome prince named, Prince Charming who mastered all the wartime as well as romantic skills on earth. He would set out to tour the world one day and *bam* ! On the banks of a wide river on a glitzy evening, he would meet the love of his life. They would dance around the parks, hop around the meadows, sing along with the birds and run around with the squirrels. After a series of twists and turns we would notice the line, “They lived happily ever after!”

I was very contented to read such a happy ending story every night and dreamt of my Prince Charming day after day. But today, give the same book to a toddler, the kid would puzzle you with all kinds of wired questions. ‘Don’t you think the Princess is way too dreamy?’ , ‘They barely know each other, who can they fall in love so soon?’ , ‘What if he cheats her?’ and so on.

Honestly, they are not to be blamed at all! It’s the fault of us, grownups, who have made the world such a terrible place to live in. Pity the poor kids whose mind already crops up with such a lot of questions. The innocence in their pure hearts are broken far too early.

We live in a world where we are not aware of the neighbor’s name but any gossip about a bollywood heroine reaches us first. We don’t care to eat healthy food but are happy to rate the cookery apps in our android phone. Gifts were something personal before, but now it is just the talk time you transfer me.

Reading a book was a very complex and contented process where you bought the book ,touched it, felt the pages and the print, smelt the old and rusty smell in it, sometimes vanilla, kept a favorite book marker to avoid folding its holy edges, held every novel exactly like the bible, preventing even the smallest of the creases on the cover of the book.

But today, it is just a button away. You browse for the book, pay online and press the download button, Tada! you have the book. Both are the same books of course. But the very feel of a paper-back is different!

It’s the same with today’s relationships. I meet my granny in Skype, say hello to mom in Whatsapp, and tag daddy in a good night post in Facebook. This is not the ideal way to live as we don’t get the feel of living it to the fullest.

Real togetherness is, sharing eatables, not posts with your siblings. Holding you loved one’s hand and saying that the world means them, in person but not through a message. And celebrating every single occasion like the world is going to end tomorrow with all the lovable people very next to you!

This is real happiness. But unfortunately we tend to search this everywhere else. Take a second and look down, deep into your heart. Happiness lies right there. Wake this buddy up and never let go of it! Cheers!

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  1. PoetryAfterDark · November 14, 2015

    I really enjoy your writing style. Think you for sharing all these touching words

    • Sara · November 14, 2015

      Thank you for you encouraging words 🙂

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