Our first guest

“We all change, when you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be” -11th Doctor.

Change in everyone’s life is inevitable. Changes bring us the seasons- the rain, the snow, the green. Changes bring us the sun, the moon and the stars. Changes bring about us, who we really are!

It was the 7th day into our matrimonial life. Ours was a cupid attack and the cupid unfortunately failed to attack our families. With the ends of the curvy smile from a few well wishers, our life together started.

We both were totally not the ideal type couple. At least I was pretty sure that I was never ideal for him. I made a mess with every single thing from baking till living. Even if I cleaned up a place, it would end up looking more messier than it was before. And he, the total opposite. People often wonder how we both ended up together. The ‘people’ includes even me at times.

It was just another day and I was back home a bit early. I was pretty sure that he would not be home in another hour and was flapping the pages of my mind for a good recipe to experiment with my culinary skills. My mind stopped the thinking process to pay extra attention for parking the car, which I was exceptionally good at.

I managed to place it without a bang and rewarded myself with a self hi-five. The moment I got out of the car, a little guy gave me an amused smile, probably wondering about my messed up hair.

My apartment gave me the luxury of a nice walk from the parking lot till my home, which was a pleasant thing in the evenings but drove me super crazy in the mornings. Today, it was bearable because my mind had other things to do than curse.

I stepped into the house and threw away my bags, another routine habit, toppled over my own shoes and landed with a bang. Now, the number of times I trip and fall over my own feet will almost be equal to the number of times I breathe. That was one among many of the manufacturing defects I have.

Every time I fall, my reflex will not be to get up first but to notice who all saw me trampling. But surprisingly, today I noted something else. Since no human being was present around, I looked at the non-living things for any evil grin but instead noticed that they were all in order. Someone had cleaned up my house! My pullover was on the hook!

I usually look for my pullovers on the floor, under the cushions or sometimes even on top of my oven. But on the hook? That would never be me.

I remembered seeing the same pullover on the couch this morning. And I was the last one to leave the house. I guessed that he might have turned back home in case he forgot something. I wanted to pick up the phone and give him a call but lazy me, I was lying on the couch instead browsing the T.V.

Suddenly I heard a feeble noise from the bed room. Before I could turn back, I could see my T.V reflecting him standing behind the couch. I wanted to play oh-my-god, for my husband’s little prank and tried to cook along. I didn’t bother to move an inch until he finally managed to wrap his finger around my eyes.

I yelped as he hushed me, with a gentle whisper that it was him. My joy knew no bounds and my tummy was filled with butterflies somersaulting (do butterflies somersault?). I tried to pull him into a hug when he said, ‘Wait, I have a surprise for you!’

He slowly released his fingers for me to see the figure in front of me. I knew that was a human but my eyes were blur from his grip. I squeezed my eyes to get a better look and there! It was a long-gone friend of my husband. I squeezed my eyes yet again, but this time, to shut my eyes in exasperation.

This guy had a history of bringing troubles and only troubles. I was kind of glad that he moved away but there he was, the same wired-eyed, curly-haired, Barney. I extended my troubled smile as wide as possible and tried my level best to stay surprised.

After the formal greeting and how-have-you-been talks, I managed to escape into the kitchen for preparing dinner. I was pretty glad that I was alone and fortunately my phone rang. That was a friend back from work and we started gossiping enthusiastically when there was a roar of laughter from the living room. I rolled my eyes and slipped out into the loggia. When we were chatting, I caught a glimpse of my husband’s face from a distance. I didn’t know what the topic of conversation was, but his face was so comical when he explained. Again, another roar of laughter.

I stood there gazing into the living room even after we ended up the call just to see his face filled with happiness and joy. There was a kind of contentment filling up my heart when I saw him at that moment. He suddenly turned and was surprised to see me standing there, staring at him. He arched a are-you-okay-honey eyebrow and I smiled back.

I went back in and decided to hate his friend a bit less than I did before. Barney didn’t change a bit. He had the same annoying way of slurping the food, winking at unwanted times, clapping aloud when he got high trends.

But the only thing that I was glad about that evening was that, it had a lot of smiles in it. The usual evenings where I would worry about our families and where his job was to console me was gone. It was a new evening with happiness filled to the brim at least for him.

As we sat around to have dinner and when Barney started slurping, I realized that he was our very first guest!

The first guest at home for the evening after we got officially married. And the first guest to complement the dinner that I made (the poor guy didn’t have any other choice). I had to be grateful for that at the least!

And that was the story of my teeny-tiny step of change after marriage. Don’t be afraid of the changes, after all, they aren’t that bad and they are worth a shot!


Time changes fast and people change even faster. The one whom you dislike today may make up a messed up day better sometime in the future. The one whom you hang out with today may even get lost in the web of time. The one short life we have got is like a chocolate. You eat it right out of the refrigerator, rigid and hard, it tastes good. You leave it a while, melting and gliding, it still tastes good. After all it is chocolate!

Lets live a chocolate sweet life and feel grateful for the one who gave us the chocolate! Good day 🙂




  1. E · November 30, 2015

    Change is scary, but even bad changes can become good while good changes over time might not be what we expect. This is such a heartwarming and revealing story with a needed lesson in it. Thank you!

    • Sara · November 30, 2015

      Thanks you..

  2. Chas Harold · December 10, 2015

    “I wanted everything to stop. I wanted nothing to change ever again. If he could just keep standing there, so beautiful … That’s when I knew of course.” – Clara’s Gran
    Enjoy every smiles and every laugh, store them away for later, you never know.

    • Sara · December 11, 2015

      Of Course! bad times become bearable only with the good memories 🙂 Thanks for stopping by..

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