Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts – a book review

Sipping ginger ale at the front marble steps of her house in the middle of a night she let out the words, ‘Fire.’ Irony had it follow her throughout her life. ‘Blue Smoke’ is the story of Catarina Hale and the element of fire which follows her life.

That night their restaurant which served the best of pizzas in the neighborhood, Sirico’s, was burnt down to the ground. The young girl has a magnetic memory which could remember almost everything that happened that night which helps the Arson Investigator, John Minger to finish off the case. Being young and intrigued, she drills John with a lot of questions about the fire and finally sets her path in becoming an Arson Investigator herself.

She accomplishes her first step towards it by joining the fire services. Her fire man job allows her to know in and out about fire.

Apart from her career, fire seems to be following her by other means too. The very first guy she falls in love with is burnt to death in his dorm room. The investigators blame it on a lit cigarette. But it keeps hitting Reena, even after a long time as she knew that he never smoked.

Fire gallops another man she had planned a weekend out with, who himself was a fireman. And finally it blows up the car of another man whom she had broken up with that night. Things are interestingly in a loop but she fails to notice them.

This successful women buys a new house where she meets the man of her life, Bowen Goodnight. Reena had been the dream girl of Bo and his first encounters with her would tickle our funny bone. Life seems to be smooth until the FIRE hits her again. The truck of Bo blows up like a torch one night. After all these events she picks up the bits and pieces and manages to weave out a clue for who is behind all these. And when she finds him, reality hits her hard.

‘Blue Smoke’ is an elegant novel bringing out every feel of passion, thrill, love and much more within its pages. The description of a huge Italian family stands my special favorite.

This is the first Nora Roberts novel that I tried and I must say, the women is a class apart. Everything about the book is brilliant and I would for sure recommend you to read it. Blue Smoke is indeed a flame!




  1. jesuisreveur · January 12, 2016

    Based on your review, I want this be my first Nora Roberts novel I read šŸ™‚

    • Sara · January 12, 2016

      Glad you like my review. It is really a good one to try out. Happy Reading šŸ™‚

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