With Blue Ink Of the Oceans by Anu Joshy – A book review

With Blue Ink Of the Oceans is a collection of poems written by Anu Joshy, published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. On the first hand, I would like to thank the publishing house for sending me a copy of the book and my appreciation for the house in encouraging young poets and poetess. This book carries an outstanding collection of poems written by the poetess Anu Joshy.

The cover speaks for the elegance of poetry collection inside the book. A poem becomes more close to you when it becomes relatable to you. And in that sense, every poem written by the poetess touched my heart.

The book puts forward the amount of pain that a person faces when cupid fails and in spite of that it encourages us to break those barriers of hurt and move on for a better tomorrow. It boosts up our spirit and serves as a virtual guide for young women who face crisis. You come to know that depths of depression hit not only you, but others face it too. And we can look up to the caressing words put forward by the poetess.

A few of the poems like ‘Nomad’ stayed with me longer than I thought it would. This particular poem pictures a scene in every day train journey and the description is way too good. The poem ‘River only flows forward’ made its own impression relating nature and life. ‘Stranger in my heart’, ‘Reflections’, ‘A friend to all’ ,are all my favorites from the book.

I have a longer list of favorites but I don’t want to put forward any spoilers, saving it for you to enjoy. After a dosage of 400 paged novels, I felt refreshing to read this compact book. Also every poem was different and had a new thought in it. There are a lot of brilliant works by Anu Joshy in the book and it is worth spending your time with. Tech nerds can grab an e-book too!

In all, a refreshing and valuable book. A good choice of read; recommended for young women.


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