The Gift by Danielle Steel- A book review

Danielle Steel books are known for their emotional factors and touchy segments. This book adds up yet another color to the already brilliant rainbow of the Steel books. The story picks up pace in the first half but the un-put-down-able factor recedes in the second half of the book. But all of it makes up to the total theme and value that the books depicts.

The story stars with a little girl named Annie Whitaker and the happiness that she had brought about to the family of Whitaker’s.It is Christmas time and when everyone thinks that their life could not be more better, a thunder strikes in the family as they lose Annie. The death of the child would alter the family ties forever, until one fine day when Maribeth walks into their lives.

Tommy Whitaker, the loving elder brother of Annie, devastated by his sister’s death would instantly get attracted to the sixteen year old pregnant waitress, Maribeth. The travel of 250 miles would suddenly start to make some sense to Maribeth as the book reveals. Tommy would be pictured as having an exceptionally good heart like the typical male characters whom we can find only in novels. The birth of Maribeth’s baby and the happiness that it would finally bring about to the Whitaker’s family makes the book worthy to try.

E-book version is available for free. TheĀ paperback lovers like me, can grab a book and get going with it.

My favorite quote from the book :


I felt like this captured the whole essence of living and giving something to others in the process.


  1. Monisha Anand · July 30, 2016

    There couldn’t have been a better review!

    • Sara · August 3, 2016

      Thanks , Monisha

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