Book review- Tell me your real story

Tell Me Your Real Story.
Most often any piece of writing you either write or plan to pen down will be a an effect of what inspired you or how you desire to inspire others. The poetess Savita Nair is nothing short of becoming your modern icon. Her thoughts are bold and blarrers right out of the book.

The poems are just one of a kind which is just not the usual ones that you would read or expect to be in every other poetry collection.

Poetry, I guess had a significant feeling which is just like a song or your favorite book. Its an escape from the world, a heavenly adobe for the writer and the reader as well. The poems in this book says how the world as it exactly is, never an escape.

Some of the poems in the book were genuinely great and it pushed me to read it over and over, which in turn explains my late review for the book!

The things that run inside a 20ish women’s mind about first dates, work, home, dates, Friday nights ,men, love, breakup , and to all the other wired feelings that run around like crazy in the mind were all been fished out and given words but interestingly in a different way.

I’ve shared some of my favorite quotes form the book…

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest I never tried
Because it felt good to have burnt in passion
Which forever, I thought had died

Let’s not make any compromise whatsoever
And live today, as if we had forever

Good read if you are planning for something out of the routine and different!


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