When the evil king took over…

Shining bright was the sun,
Smiles filled around,
As my heart went on a high swing,
Flying high over the clouds,
Humming the tune of the birds…

Spring was in the air,
As the flowers danced along,
And the wind carried a bliss
Of mild drizzle and mist…

The dark clouds had always been there,
Hidden above in the blue sky,
Mocking a wicked smile all along,
For it was the evil king,
Able to rule as and when it wished!

My feet was up and above the ground,
That I forgot to notice,
The leaves starting to wither,
The flowers beginning to droop…

A sudden thunder clap,
Blinded my eyes,
Awakening the sleepy mind,
As the spring waded goodbye,
As the birds flew far and gone…

The rain pierced my skin,
Like a thousand sharp knives,
Neither drawing blood,
Nor leaving a scar!

As my yearning heart awaits,
My longing eyes peer through the window,
The same tornado stirring inside me,
Only to shed a single tear,
Hoping for the sunshine to return…




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