Broken wings

The fire danced to the tune of my mind,

As heat spread in the core of the heart.

A dramatic dance, it was,

The cast of passion in a stage called life.


The roller coaster I climbed on,

Took me to all possible places.

The rush of air, already trying to subside the fire.


Yet, the heart was determined,

Comforted from the heat,

Held tight to it,

Too proud to let go.


Pity the poor thing,

For it didn’t see the massive storm,

Rushing fast, from a far corner.


The wind, the rain, the thunder,

Washed away the fire,

Not letting even a small amber to survive,

Paving way for a huge heart ache.


As I hold on to hope and refuse to let go of courage,

I pen a poem,

Of  hidden angels and broken wings…





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