To a new year..

Today is the day where the past gets past,

A new is born, they say..


Thinking of it,

The past, barely gets past,

For it is still a fresh paint,

In your old canvas..


Was it the Blackest Black or the Pinkest Pink,

Or a more sensible color,

No one knows!

For it was you,

You alone, who chose the color..


If there was a scratch made,

By someone you trusted,

It’s easy to blame and carry the scar.

But it takes all the power,

To reinvent a sketch from the scratch..


For every second that sculptured you,

For every minute that painted your canvas,

For every hour spent on shaping the clay,

For the year that created memories..


As the world celebrates the arrival,

A brand new year, with brand new possibilities..

Happy New Year!



P.S : And if you are watching FRIENDS,

Rather than kissing at midnight,

Your life is just as awesome as mine! 😉


  1. Durga Prasad Dash · January 1, 2017

    Wishing you all the best in your creative journey in the year ahead.

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