Known, yet who?

The cold drug hitting a high,

Syringe still stuck on her wrist,

Her mind travels with a pace more than light,

Hitting the space and back again.


‘Easy’, shout her mates as she topples over,

Walking behind every shadow,

Every illusion, every image from the past.


They are clear like real,

Everything in place,

Not a part apart.


Her mind racing her thoughts again,

Holding her head while it goes for a spin,

She sees that women.


Seems known yet unknown.

As she reaches to touch her,

Her eyes go blind with pain,

A shrill cry harrowing her ears.


A moment past,

She’s on the ground,

Hands around ears, held tight.


People stare at her,

But the one pair of eyes that invite her,

Across the road, the lady’s.


She chases her,

Running, tripping, up again,

After the lady.


As she runs out of breath,

Heart pounding hard,

Stops, unable, gravity pulling down.


The lady stands there,

Right next to her,

Leaning on the wall, breathless.


Tattered clothes,

Unkempt hair,

Bloodshot eyes, yet familiar.


Those pathetic eyes begging for some help,

As her hand reaches the lady to help,

It is herself, whom she touched.


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