The hopeless romantic

A hopeless romantic I was,

Awaiting the perfect guy,

Abs check, smile check,

Eyes check, love check.


The checks never were filled,

Until I met you.

The hopeless romantic..


Together we were,

Like a novel and a story,

You be the hero while,

I be a better me..


Love was the cloud mansion,

We lived and cherished.

The hopeless romantic..


Living a dream, it was,

Right out of a fairy tale.

Big ballrooms and gliding gowns,

Doting dances and twinkling tiaras.


The aircraft afloat,

Had a sudden crash,

The hopeless romantic, suddenly awake!


They pointed her,

Speculating the pilot,

For she was the one,

Who steered through this wonderland.


Throw the dams open,

Mend that broken heart,

The hopeless romantic ..


Well, her dream never knew,

The cloud was just a whole lot of dust,

And novels can exist without stories!

The hopeless romantic moving to a hopeful life..


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