The last goodbye, left unsaid

We never knew it was the last goodbye..

With headlights off to escape the Eagle,
Stepping the accelerator as to never stop,
Crunching the asphalt below,
Tearing through the night’s cold air,
It was the last goodbye, left unsaid.

With tears dripping down,
Heart filled with guilt,
Hands trembling weak,
Eyes dancing with the night,
Why did you have to go?
Why did I let you go?

You never liked the why when what and how,
But that’s what is driving me crazy now.
You wanted it Straight and fast,
But you are a memory never lost.

What were your last words?
I never know,
What a shame it brings to the World?
You never know.

When you were speeding with the wind,
Dashing right through the car,
Swirling and hitting back,
What were you thinking?
What did you say?

I would die to know,
Yet you did, before I ever could!
For the last goodbye, never to be said.


I wrote this poem as a tribute to the book : Looking For Alaska by John Green. Its been two days since I finished the book but I’m still hung over it. You can read my review here. Do let me know your comments. Cheers !

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