Flawed by Cecelia Ahern – A book review

‘Flawed’- this book has become a much valued birthday gift this year. Hail my dear friend who gifted me this young adult fiction which proved to be a page turner by the end. Here goes my review for the book..

                        Celestine North, is portrayed to be a perfect seventeen year old girl, a perfect daughter and a perfect girlfriend. She has her future precisely planned out with the love of her life, Art Crevan. Pity the poor girl, unaware of the fact that life gives you twists when you least expect it.

The novel is built on a fictions rule abiding society where one ethical or morally incorrect decision lands you with the title ‘Flawed’. The Guild is the powerhouse which hears the cases and decides whether a person is flawed or not. Once declared Flawed, the person is seared with a ‘F’ on their body.

Celestine supports the guild and abides by it until one wrong act makes her life come crashing down. She gets shunned by her very friends and hate is laid on every path she walks. This happens in a time when the functioning of the Guild is questioned by its own citizens and she falls as a prey to being..becoming.. the poster girl for their campaigns.

How will she manage to escape this trap? Will she ever get back with Art? ,are the questions I leave for you to ponder over. The book ends on a cliffhanger making the readers to uncover the fate of Celestine in the next and the last book, Perfect.

Most Young Adult Fiction novels present ostracism but Flawed takes it to a whole new level. Cecelia Ahern is quite popular for her Romances but this is the first YA of Ahern that I read and I must say, it was different. I would not say that this is the best of dystopian novels, yet it is a good read.

The novel is written in first person present and Ahern does an applaudable job with that. My rating on a scale of 1-5 is 3.5. If you are fond of YA’s and looking for one to read, Flawed will be a good pick. But make sure you read the next part too. None of us like to end up sleepless with suspense (my state right now!).

Your comments on the book and about the review are welcome. Good day, people 🙂


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