An unbiased gift

A caresses of the ocean’s wind,

Constant kisses from the never ending waves,

The radiant glow of God’s own Sun,

Enlightening the beyond and beneath..


A soft brush of an uninvited breeze,

A million sparkling crystals from the heaven above,

The cold blow of winter’s chill,

The bluest of the sky, clouds and comets..


A moon lit magnificent sky,

Donning the jewels of sparkling stars,

Yet never enough light,

For the safe hidden mystery above the sky..


How beautiful is the Autumn’s litter?

How alluring is the Winter’s glitter?

So many colors in the nature’s canvas,

Adored, adorned..


These tiny bundles of joy,

A gift unbiased,

Revealing real happiness,

Flying in a plethora of love..



P.C :



  1. P.E.Baskaran · July 9

    Thinking in words.Good.

  2. Midwest Fantasy · July 10

    Very beautiful words.

    • Sara · July 10

      So glad you like 😊

  3. MS Mahawar · July 17


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