Create your own recipe of life

There was food on my plate today.
In fact, there is every day.
But how far do we appreciate it day after day?

Sometime it’s so skillful and so captivating,
That we blow kisses,
Or call out loud, yum.

Yet, when there is one tiny pinch of extra
salt or vinegar or chili,
turns out to be so uninviting.

When we were young, we were fed,
with love and care,
expecting no return.

Yet today you get your own groceries,
and crave for mom’s bad omelet.
Appreciation, be it food or life,
Grows as we grow with it.

For life is just like the food we eat,
They are made in different colors and shapes,
Some with attractive toppings,
so pleasing just to watch.
So goes the saying,
Appearances are deceptive,
For food and for people.

We all need the right dosage of sugar, salt and lemon,
at some point in our lives.
And when we mix it all up,
We screw it all up.

Life is about the food you cook,
But you don’t always have to know the recipe.
Toss in and roast all that you want,
Eventually you will create your own recipe,
Today or someday.


P.S: I am not even sure why I am publishing this. Yet, one of my rambling as it goes.. Happy Sunday, folks 🙂


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