A smart revolution

We all have fun at work (of course!). From coding coolies to Friday foodies we must have met a lot of people. One such lost bus of tourists make up my team. But guess the one thing all of us are interested in? Becoming thin!

I could easily say the team goal (apart from the managerial goal) is to cut the paunch and hit size 0. We would call ourselves fitness freaks (not!), holding discussions on diet charts and workout routines, only if talking could burn any calories…

One fine morning, one of us turned up gleaming and bright, sporting a fitness band. Needless to say, we dived right in for the attack. We got to know every spec about the band, dug for the ratings, compared prices online, debated on every e-commerce site and came out with a clear winner, Flipkart. #GetFitWithFlipkart

Guess who walked in with a new band the next morning? The entire team. All thanks to the quick delivery and promising deals by Flipkart. 

We went on little walks during our breaks to increase the step count, set group goals. Well, I must say, this smart tech was the only thing that ever worked for us. 

The smart gadgets but the not so smart me!

I kill my daily commute by scrolling through deals of the day and featured brands, all the while tempted to hit that Add to cart button. Unfortunately, I get paid only once a month (which I think is very unfair!), my dreams get added to the Wishlist. If only you had a peek into my Wishlist, you’d know how greedy of a person I am. 

Well, once I bought a smart watch, much of an impulsive buy. This watch supposedly supported gestures and I desperately waved my hand in all the supported angles to make it work. But oops! It never did budge. After an intense session with google, I got to know that the gesture support had to be configured first. *facepalm*

These smart gadgets often overtakes our intelligence and redefines technology too. You can attend phone calls using smart wearables and set alarm in smart speakers, barring technological stereotypes. The smart homes make us feel like a Whiz. With the whip of buttons, we have everything under control. 

Our smart homes are working population’s stay at home friend. From turning on purifiers and humidifiers before heading home, to collecting packages when no one is home, they come to our rescue every time. #SmartHomeRevolution

To build your smart home, the one stop smart destination is Flipkart. With a wide range of products and a number of deals, we can pick what we exactly want. Build smart and happy homes this new year! Cheers!

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