Up or down the vantage point

From the edge of the mountain top,

The world looks so quite and calm,

Even as it is filled to the brim with chaos.


There are a hundred million stars over my head,

Far away lights from the front poach of the homes,

Dead wood cracking inside the fire, burning red – the ember.


Silence is in the air but the song that I hear is unique,

A mild blow of the wind whistling in my ear,

Rustle of the dead leaves awaiting its departure.


Is it so beautiful because I am at the top?

Or is it the same even far, far below?

Everyone fancies the vantage point!


It’s the same place, the same world,

The world, too beautiful to live in,

Or too beautiful to leave.



A known stranger

All these days,
There were strangers next to me.

Different people,
Different places.

Yet this time, it was you,
Right by my side.

The passing cities,
The unstoppable laughter.

Never running out of topics,
To speak, to rant on.

A different direction, I imagined,
The illusion not lasting longer.

A different path, I thought,
Failing to know the sole destination.

You seemed so known through out,
Yet when we parted, a stranger, you became.


P.C : Pinterest

Who won?

The train rattled along,

Jerking and making me bounce,

With every curve it hit…


Tossing and turning,

Fighting to give up,

My good night’s sleep…


My hair in a mess,

Earphones dangling around,

The sheets crumpled…


When the early morning rays,

Crawled up to my face,

Wishing me a morning…


Smiling sleepily,

For the victory of the night,

Opening a single eye with a wink…


I saw him smiling at me…


At my messed up self,

Drowsy eyes,

Make-up less face…


He sat there, that angelic face,

‘Had he been here all night?’, questioned my mind.

‘Who really did win?’, asked me the night.

….Sara 😉