Flawed by Cecelia Ahern – A book review

‘Flawed’- this book has become a much valued birthday gift this year. Hail my dear friend who gifted me this young adult fiction which proved to be a page turner by the end. Here goes my review for the book..

                        Celestine North, is portrayed to be a perfect seventeen year old girl, a perfect daughter and a perfect girlfriend. She has her future precisely planned out with the love of her life, Art Crevan. Pity the poor girl, unaware of the fact that life gives you twists when you least expect it.

The novel is built on a fictions rule abiding society where one ethical or morally incorrect decision lands you with the title ‘Flawed’. The Guild is the powerhouse which hears the cases and decides whether a person is flawed or not. Once declared Flawed, the person is seared with a ‘F’ on their body.

Celestine supports the guild and abides by it until one wrong act makes her life come crashing down. She gets shunned by her very friends and hate is laid on every path she walks. This happens in a time when the functioning of the Guild is questioned by its own citizens and she falls as a prey to being..becoming.. the poster girl for their campaigns.

How will she manage to escape this trap? Will she ever get back with Art? ,are the questions I leave for you to ponder over. The book ends on a cliffhanger making the readers to uncover the fate of Celestine in the next and the last book, Perfect.

Most Young Adult Fiction novels present ostracism but Flawed takes it to a whole new level. Cecelia Ahern is quite popular for her Romances but this is the first YA of Ahern that I read and I must say, it was different. I would not say that this is the best of dystopian novels, yet it is a good read.

The novel is written in first person present and Ahern does an applaudable job with that. My rating on a scale of 1-5 is 3.5. If you are fond of YA’s and looking for one to read, Flawed will be a good pick. But make sure you read the next part too. None of us like to end up sleepless with suspense (my state right now!).

Your comments on the book and about the review are welcome. Good day, people 🙂



He picked up the scarred stone,

Eyes full of zing,

Examining it with his rough hands,

Imperfections looking perfect.


Rubbing the dirt off,

He held out his chisel,

Singing a song along,

The stone, dancing to his rhythm.


The language they spoke,

No one else could decipher,

But the mere sound of it,

A treat to listen.


He carved curves and waves,

Making us guess a women,

A beautiful lady,

A dream in his heart..


He broke the curve a little,

Making it look like a petal,

A blossoming flower,

The beauty of nature..


He shaped a more deeper curve,

Making it seem like a wing,

A little butterfly,

Fluttering its wings..


Finally, he cut a sharp edge,

So sharp that it might pierce through bare skin,

And the stone turned out to be a heart,

Complete with the curves and a sharp edge to finish,

A cold, stone heart!



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Tiny drops of faith

When the world closes its door on you,
When the sun fails to raise you up,
When the tears stream and won’t stop,
Shut your eyes tight,
Breathe and think faith.

The Sunday morning chicken roast,
Inviting aroma of coffee pot,
The never ending magic of mom’s kitchen,
Take it in and think faith.

The shrill cry of a new born,
The triumph of a toddler’s first steps,
A little kid’s toothless smile ,
Draw it in and think faith.

For every day you lived, good and bad,
For every leap you took, little and big,
For every step you fell, tumbled and toppled,
Pull it in and think faith.

For faith is not a long river,
Flowing into the ocean of life,
It is all those little drops of water,
Which in itself makes the ocean.



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One heart-stopping smile

I never belonged there,
I would have not gone there,
Had it not been for that smile,
That one heart-stopping smile.

A crammed room floating with smoke,
Strangely unknown surrounding me,
Speakers blaring lungs out ,
Squeals and laughter straining my ears.

‘You must be fun at a party’
‘Do you live under a rock?’
Flashbacks looming over my head,
Threatening me to turn back and run.

But then, I see you,
I see your smile,
That one heart-stopping smile,
Dragging my legs on a path to you.

I don’t like the way you flip your hair,
I don’t like the way you roll your eyes,
I can’t write a poem for those lips,
And I could never describe those hips.

Because I never loved you in bits and pieces.
You were one whole loveable soul,
With such a beautiful smile.
That heart-stopping smile.

When you enter a room full of strangers,
And your eyes search for one single person,
When there are different pairs of eyes looking at you,
But your eyes meet with one single person’s.

I prayed God, ‘Please don’t make her..’
She smiled.
‘..Smile’, I finished.
That’s how my heart-stopped,
And that’s how I fell in love!



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Ramble of dreams

Dreams are all that haunt me,
Dreams, which seem so distant now,
Yet not so far to jump and reach.

What stops you then, you may ask.

The strings,
The strings attached to me,
The strings around me,
The strings consuming me.

I wish I could break these strings,
Once and for all.

What stops you then, you may ask.
Qualm, it is, where I hide!


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None, but her book

He flew up and above the clouds,

Rifting through the warm summer air,

Drifting and Gliding like a bird flying up in the sky,

Farther and farther, reaching for the clouds,

Getting lost with the wind, above

the mountains proudly lined,

The trees ruffling lush green leaves,

Trickling water rushing past,

Yet, the sounds failing to reach,

That high in the sky..


Closing the book,

She took it in.

The wind, the clouds,

The mountains, the rivers.

Flying a Cessna was always a dream,

A dream, too far to reach,

Looming above the clouds to catch,

Yet fulfilled by none other than,

the old-veined pages of her favorite book.



Time might have let you slip through our fingers,

But an empty room and a roomful of memory, still lingers.

None can fill the void you left in us, ever,

My Dear Grandpa, you will live in our hearts, forever!


The last goodbye, left unsaid

We never knew it was the last goodbye..

With headlights off to escape the Eagle,
Stepping the accelerator as to never stop,
Crunching the asphalt below,
Tearing through the night’s cold air,
It was the last goodbye, left unsaid.

With tears dripping down,
Heart filled with guilt,
Hands trembling weak,
Eyes dancing with the night,
Why did you have to go?
Why did I let you go?

You never liked the why when what and how,
But that’s what is driving me crazy now.
You wanted it Straight and fast,
But you are a memory never lost.

What were your last words?
I never know,
What a shame it brings to the World?
You never know.

When you were speeding with the wind,
Dashing right through the car,
Swirling and hitting back,
What were you thinking?
What did you say?

I would die to know,
Yet you did, before I ever could!
For the last goodbye, never to be said.


I wrote this poem as a tribute to the book : Looking For Alaska by John Green. Its been two days since I finished the book but I’m still hung over it. You can read my review here. Do let me know your comments. Cheers !

Looking For Alaska By John Green – A book review

Reading (and re-reading) all of John Green’s books became a resolve of mine after I read the heart aching romance of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters in one breathtaking novel, The Fault In Our Stars. Honoring the feat, I happened to catch hold of his debut novel, Looking For Alaska.

What is it all about?

Alaska Young (the name has a good history), the prank queen of Culver Creek Preparatory School acquaints a new friend that year, Miles Halter aka Pudge. Now Pudge moved to this boarding school in search of ‘Great Perhaps’ which, unfortunately, he couldn’t find in his old place.

Chip Martin aka The Colonel happens to be the room mate of Miles. The school’s prank trio, Chip, Takumi and Alaska gets a new addition that year with Miles. Alaska likes Miles from the very beginning but she follows her theory of ‘never cheat your boyfriend’. Time flies by and they all become good friends by pulling off pranks splendidly.

Meanwhile Alaska goes on a girlfriend hunt for Miles and gets hold of Lara, a Romanian girl, with an accent. Now, the gang plans for the prank of all time to piss off the Weekday Warriors (the rich kids) nad the Eagle (The Dean). I would become a traitor if I shared the impeccable details of the prank, so I leave it to you for the pleasure of reading from the novel.

It’s all a victory for them before a miserable tragedy hits them.

The Writing…

The book is neatly partitioned into two , ‘Before’ and ‘After’. Before what? After what? I would leave it for you to figure out. The plot is clean, even as there are twists and turns, it just flows like the Creek. At some point of the book you will be able to guess the answers to the questions that the characters have been searching for. But then, Come on! A man can make his mistakes in his first novel. You can never, at any point, say that this was a debutant book.

What I liked…

Pudge’s obsession with peoples Last Words, Colonel’s almanac, Alaska’s love for books, the significance of the while tulips, the religious study classes and all such small details make the book a whole.

Few quotes from the book…

‘If People were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.’

‘The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive’

‘ Thomas Edison’s last words were “It’s very beautiful over there“. I don’t know where there is, but I believe it’s somewhere, and I hope it’s beautiful.’


Did they really find Alaska? Of course they did! But how when where why what, find it out!

P.S : I might have exaggerated for the fact that he is one among by favorite authors. Your views welcome!


Haunt of Memories

So many questions haunting my heart,

Plaguing-ly close, yet miles apart..

Same old soul wearing a mask,

So much to say and much more to ask..

Years it has been, still wounds afresh,

Done and dusted, the stories, yet tears rush..

Heart yearns to know if you still remember,

Or was it all a bad dream on a cold November?

Drifting this path laid by the destiny,

Same old eyes, searching for answers hopelessly,

So many questions still haunting my heart!