To the misty mountain

I pick up a lost trial, follow it along,

Ducking the branches of massive trees

Hiding under their bough, escaping the drizzle.


All of the leaves, plush green

cradling tiny droplets of water

Bent in the spine, yet never broken.


A thick canopy atop plays peak-a-boo

with the sparse rays of the sun

Hidden behind cottony clouds.


‘Where am I headed?’, you may ask.

‘To the misty mountain, who stands tall

With an angel’s halo aglow’, I’d say.


She’s too tall and wide

For my little feet to totter all the way up

Yet the mysterious aura, soothing and inviting.


How long have you been here, my misty mountain,

Tell me your stories as I scale your height,

Lift me up in every dip and down.

Flame and fire

Fear from her past emanates back

Teasing the long forgotten wounds

Replaying the agonising pain.


Like fire, it embraces with greedy hands

Licking every inch of her body and soul

Turning everything it touches into dust.


She struggles to breathe with the ashes all around

The sudden darkness engulfing her day

She prays for a little light along her way.


And when the light emerges back

Don’t run with a blind eye, my dear

For a little flame is all which makes fire.

Dancing in her dreams

The thunderous rain has just stopped
Leaving behind a soothing silence.
Her soft breath is all I can hear
As sleep engulfs her tender eyelids.

I breathe along
To the rise and fall of her chest.
Admiring her angelic face
A soothing peace spreading in me.

Never did I know
My eyes would dance to those hips.
Never did I know
She’d sway my heart that way.

When she walked into my life
I wished for her to stay.
When she held my hand
I wished to never let go.

Her messy morning hair
Imperfectly perfect.
Her lopsided smile
Dotingly warm.

I could stay here all my life
Right by her side
Watching her lips curl in sleep
Hoping it is me dancing in her dreams!


Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi- A book review

Book: Sita: Warrior of Mithila

Author: Amish Tripathi

Published year: 2017

We have all known and worshipped the goddess for ages. All this while I had known Sita as a king’s daughter, a popular princess, and a devoted wife. But never have I imagined her as a fierce warrior before. And that exactly is the impact of Amish’s book on his readers. Imagine the unimagined!

Author Applause

This book is the second sequel in ‘Ramachandra series’ by Amish Tripathi (the first being Scion of Ikshvaku). Like every previous book of Amish, the writing reflects his research and confidence in the plot. He covers the whole plot perfectly without any loopholes. He builds an abode in his book for his readers to take refuge, and the humble abode treats them well indeed.

(Self-wondering: I would never have re-thought a story that has been drilled down on me since childhood, into something so very creative and glitch-free.)

After reading this book, I have developed an entire new image of Sita. An image of women that had been lost and forgotten, yet rekindled and living now.

The plot (No spoilers, no worries)

The plot starts with Sunaina and Janak, the queen and king of Mithila, returning back to their kingdom from Kaniyakumari. They encounter an injured vulture protecting a tiny white bundle from a pack of wolves. Sunaina plunges into action to save the vulture. Unfortunately the vulture dies, but they save the bundle holding a baby girl. Janak and Sunaina decide to adopt the baby, naming her Sita.

Sita’s arrival, education, and warrior skills makes everyone fall in love with her character. The author easily connects his first sequel(Scion of Ikshvaku) about Ram and his upbringing with this book.

You can follow the sequence in the story even if you have not read the first book in the sequel. This is a real challenge for authors, yet, Amish eases his win.

Favorite parts

The right amount of detailing to describe each character, be it Sita or Ram or Hanumam, dusting off the reader’s imagination.

The subtle romance scenes between Ram and Sita when they meet the first time. (Every romantic fiction lovers problem.)

Do I recommend?

Of course! A perfect read of mythological fiction.

I read a paper-back version. The book is also available in Kindle.

Let us know how you liked it. Happy reading 🙂


The rain lashes my windshield

As I halt in the morning traffic.

A numbing cold engulfs my body

Adding to the winter chills.


The mist surround me like clouds above the sky

Lifting me up as I float like a dream.

Somewhere between, my melancholy bone gets hit

As your memories occupy all of my mind.


You walked so swift into my life

For one moment you were all that I had.

When you walked out too quick for me to reach

I toppled down, breaks and scratches left behind.


The lone world was not easy on me

Neither did it have any mercy for me.

The demons knew the dark too well

Creeping up untold, clinging in despair.


How many sleepless nights did I embrace?

How many unspoken fears did I discover?

Yet, how did the pieces manage to fall back?

How did the undiscovered strength alight?


Should I be grateful or oblivious?

I would never know.

As the traffic clears to move ahead,

So do I, or so I believe.





Starry night

A half sunk sun

Dripping all shades of red

In the fading sky.


The myriad of lights

Alight on every porch

Flickering in the soft wind.


From so far away

Waves the milkyway

Starry, starry night!


When the lanterns are up

With the buzzing fireflies

My dreamy eyes turn hazy

As I fancy flying up with you.



Nothing to lose!

Everyone has a story,

So different, yet so similar,

So dramatic, yet so real.


In this journey called life,

All of us are destined to travel,

Some long, yet some short.


Everybody gets lost at times,

In this track of peak and fold,

Some young, some old.


Like the wind drifts the sand,

Our lives fly past swift,

Time indeed, a despised gift.


Hold on to your patience and faith,

Life’s a roller coaster ride,

Long way to wade the tide.


Put on that beautiful smile,

Walk like the world is yours,

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose!


Can we start over?

Picking all the broken parts

Placing them proper

Fixing it right

‘Is it possible to fix hearts?’

The fairy wonders.


The hurt was never meant

The doubts could have been shunned

Yet there they dangled

Middle in the air

Blowing with a force. Ouch! That hurt!


Can we raise from the ashes

Body and soul

Starting all over

One more time

Restarting the sun, moon, earth and time?


Good days are not so far away!

Don’t be afraid of the dark,

For the sun is just around the mountain’s arc.

Clutch and claw up through the slope,

To face your doubts with faith and hope.

Keep walking for He laid the way,

Good days are not so far away!


A Stranger In The Mirror by Sidney Sheldon – a book review

Book: A Stranger In The Mirror

Author: Sidney Sheldon

Published year: 1976

Genere: romance-revenge fiction

Toby Temple, the super star of Hollywood, started off as a night club comedian. How he rose through the tides that almost drowned him down to grab a place in everyone’s heart as the world’s greatest comic is beyond belief. His struggle, loneliness, lust, want and need make him the real Toby Temple. Of course, he is never complete without his mother, who pushes him to find his talent as an actor.

Josephine Czinski, the little kid brought up in doomed terror for the fear that she might disobey god. With a failed love and a broken heart she escapes the clutches of her mother to find a livelihood in acting. She becomes a filler in shows and earns a living being a bit actress. The insult and abuse she faces haunt her and she waits for her turn on revenge. Revenge, served though Toby Temple.

Two very different lives become one and the things that follow might fill on a whole story. A Stranger In The Mirror, is all about passion, love, money, revenge and death. Life comes in a full circle at the end of the book that it leaves you shuddering with thoughts.

A page turner filled with fast moving story line. Every character does its just to twist the story at a much needed time. Brilliant Sheldon work, as always!

Good reads rating- 3.6. I would generously pitch in a 4.3 for the novel. Grab this book when you are in need of a short timer. Happy reading!