Our first guest

“We all change, when you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be” -11th Doctor.

Change in everyone’s life is inevitable. Changes bring us the seasons- the rain, the snow, the green. Changes bring us the sun, the moon and the stars. Changes bring about us, who we really are!

It was the 7th day into our matrimonial life. Ours was a cupid attack and the cupid unfortunately failed to attack our families. With the ends of the curvy smile from a few well wishers, our life together started.

We both were totally not the ideal type couple. At least I was pretty sure that I was never ideal for him. I made a mess with every single thing from baking till living. Even if I cleaned up a place, it would end up looking more messier than it was before. And he, the total opposite. People often wonder how we both ended up together. The ‘people’ includes even me at times.

It was just another day and I was back home a bit early. I was pretty sure that he would not be home in another hour and was flapping the pages of my mind for a good recipe to experiment with my culinary skills. My mind stopped the thinking process to pay extra attention for parking the car, which I was exceptionally good at.

I managed to place it without a bang and rewarded myself with a self hi-five. The moment I got out of the car, a little guy gave me an amused smile, probably wondering about my messed up hair.

My apartment gave me the luxury of a nice walk from the parking lot till my home, which was a pleasant thing in the evenings but drove me super crazy in the mornings. Today, it was bearable because my mind had other things to do than curse.

I stepped into the house and threw away my bags, another routine habit, toppled over my own shoes and landed with a bang. Now, the number of times I trip and fall over my own feet will almost be equal to the number of times I breathe. That was one among many of the manufacturing defects I have.

Every time I fall, my reflex will not be to get up first but to notice who all saw me trampling. But surprisingly, today I noted something else. Since no human being was present around, I looked at the non-living things for any evil grin but instead noticed that they were all in order. Someone had cleaned up my house! My pullover was on the hook!

I usually look for my pullovers on the floor, under the cushions or sometimes even on top of my oven. But on the hook? That would never be me.

I remembered seeing the same pullover on the couch this morning. And I was the last one to leave the house. I guessed that he might have turned back home in case he forgot something. I wanted to pick up the phone and give him a call but lazy me, I was lying on the couch instead browsing the T.V.

Suddenly I heard a feeble noise from the bed room. Before I could turn back, I could see my T.V reflecting him standing behind the couch. I wanted to play oh-my-god, for my husband’s little prank and tried to cook along. I didn’t bother to move an inch until he finally managed to wrap his finger around my eyes.

I yelped as he hushed me, with a gentle whisper that it was him. My joy knew no bounds and my tummy was filled with butterflies somersaulting (do butterflies somersault?). I tried to pull him into a hug when he said, ‘Wait, I have a surprise for you!’

He slowly released his fingers for me to see the figure in front of me. I knew that was a human but my eyes were blur from his grip. I squeezed my eyes to get a better look and there! It was a long-gone friend of my husband. I squeezed my eyes yet again, but this time, to shut my eyes in exasperation.

This guy had a history of bringing troubles and only troubles. I was kind of glad that he moved away but there he was, the same wired-eyed, curly-haired, Barney. I extended my troubled smile as wide as possible and tried my level best to stay surprised.

After the formal greeting and how-have-you-been talks, I managed to escape into the kitchen for preparing dinner. I was pretty glad that I was alone and fortunately my phone rang. That was a friend back from work and we started gossiping enthusiastically when there was a roar of laughter from the living room. I rolled my eyes and slipped out into the loggia. When we were chatting, I caught a glimpse of my husband’s face from a distance. I didn’t know what the topic of conversation was, but his face was so comical when he explained. Again, another roar of laughter.

I stood there gazing into the living room even after we ended up the call just to see his face filled with happiness and joy. There was a kind of contentment filling up my heart when I saw him at that moment. He suddenly turned and was surprised to see me standing there, staring at him. He arched a are-you-okay-honey eyebrow and I smiled back.

I went back in and decided to hate his friend a bit less than I did before. Barney didn’t change a bit. He had the same annoying way of slurping the food, winking at unwanted times, clapping aloud when he got high trends.

But the only thing that I was glad about that evening was that, it had a lot of smiles in it. The usual evenings where I would worry about our families and where his job was to console me was gone. It was a new evening with happiness filled to the brim at least for him.

As we sat around to have dinner and when Barney started slurping, I realized that he was our very first guest!

The first guest at home for the evening after we got officially married. And the first guest to complement the dinner that I made (the poor guy didn’t have any other choice). I had to be grateful for that at the least!

And that was the story of my teeny-tiny step of change after marriage. Don’t be afraid of the changes, after all, they aren’t that bad and they are worth a shot!


Time changes fast and people change even faster. The one whom you dislike today may make up a messed up day better sometime in the future. The one whom you hang out with today may even get lost in the web of time. The one short life we have got is like a chocolate. You eat it right out of the refrigerator, rigid and hard, it tastes good. You leave it a while, melting and gliding, it still tastes good. After all it is chocolate!

Lets live a chocolate sweet life and feel grateful for the one who gave us the chocolate! Good day 🙂


Discovering Happiness

The first ever fairytale I read had a handsome prince named, Prince Charming who mastered all the wartime as well as romantic skills on earth. He would set out to tour the world one day and *bam* ! On the banks of a wide river on a glitzy evening, he would meet the love of his life. They would dance around the parks, hop around the meadows, sing along with the birds and run around with the squirrels. After a series of twists and turns we would notice the line, “They lived happily ever after!”

I was very contented to read such a happy ending story every night and dreamt of my Prince Charming day after day. But today, give the same book to a toddler, the kid would puzzle you with all kinds of wired questions. ‘Don’t you think the Princess is way too dreamy?’ , ‘They barely know each other, who can they fall in love so soon?’ , ‘What if he cheats her?’ and so on.

Honestly, they are not to be blamed at all! It’s the fault of us, grownups, who have made the world such a terrible place to live in. Pity the poor kids whose mind already crops up with such a lot of questions. The innocence in their pure hearts are broken far too early.

We live in a world where we are not aware of the neighbor’s name but any gossip about a bollywood heroine reaches us first. We don’t care to eat healthy food but are happy to rate the cookery apps in our android phone. Gifts were something personal before, but now it is just the talk time you transfer me.

Reading a book was a very complex and contented process where you bought the book ,touched it, felt the pages and the print, smelt the old and rusty smell in it, sometimes vanilla, kept a favorite book marker to avoid folding its holy edges, held every novel exactly like the bible, preventing even the smallest of the creases on the cover of the book.

But today, it is just a button away. You browse for the book, pay online and press the download button, Tada! you have the book. Both are the same books of course. But the very feel of a paper-back is different!

It’s the same with today’s relationships. I meet my granny in Skype, say hello to mom in Whatsapp, and tag daddy in a good night post in Facebook. This is not the ideal way to live as we don’t get the feel of living it to the fullest.

Real togetherness is, sharing eatables, not posts with your siblings. Holding you loved one’s hand and saying that the world means them, in person but not through a message. And celebrating every single occasion like the world is going to end tomorrow with all the lovable people very next to you!

This is real happiness. But unfortunately we tend to search this everywhere else. Take a second and look down, deep into your heart. Happiness lies right there. Wake this buddy up and never let go of it! Cheers!

The last kiss

The mild blue curtains on their window swayed in a small dance in the early morning breeze. As the sun raised above the horizon, as the birds chirped its way to welcome a new morning, she woke up from her worldly sleep to a brand new day.

Wrapped around her were the arms of her love. ‘Another beautiful day with him!’ ,she thought, as a dreamy smile lit her face. She planted a soft kiss on his forehead, just like every other day and carefully got out of his grip, not to wake him up.

She had an eternal feeling about these early morning kisses. Even if they had had a terrible fight the night before, she could never resist herself from this ritual of hers. She would make sure that her kiss didn’t wake him up or felt more desperate. Just a soft little kiss.

There were days when she had been totally mad at him. She would swear to herself that there would be no kiss the next day morning. But fortunately, promises were made to be broken. Her legs would somehow sneak into the bedroom for her early morning perk.

Our Romeo, totally knowing about his Juliet’s ritual would act as if he had been sleeping just cherish all those heavenly kisses. Their mornings were made special to each other, with neither of them revealing it.

Days passed. Months passed. Years passed. It was the same morning and the same kiss every day. But neither of them got tired of it. In fact, the unuttered words spoken by those kisses grew stronger and stronger with love every passing day.

They had once walked holding hands for just the electric feel between them. Then had come a little hand to hold along, their lovable daughter. She had clung to them every spring, autumn and summer in her beautiful floral clothes. Now that their little princesses had grown up to a charming women ,her hands had to be given away on a glittering evening.

Fast had spun the wheel of time that it was time again for them to hold hands not for the spark to risen but for the support of each other. As they took a leisure walk along the park, she thought, ‘My! If I don’t kiss this handsome man even a single morning, that would be the last day of my life.’

As if catching her thoughts mid way in air he said, ‘Don’t you worry, my dear. If I wake up to a morning without your kiss, don’t you panic. I would be right there with you, holding your hand along our journey to the visit of the next world.’


Fight the virus, never concede!

I was standing at the cross roads of life. Many people surrounding me. Still, I felt alone, aloof, stranded in the middle of a peak hour traffic. I had a wired feeling that every horn was blaring exactly at me. My head had a sharp pain wanting me to shriek until my vocal cords would burst out. I was scared. Fear crept through my whole body, that I started to shudder.

I was left with two choices. I could cut short my life in front of any approaching vehicle or cross the road and fight with my problem. I was still thinking when the signal changed. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t budge to move. But the crowd surrounding me, pushed me to the other end in no time. All I knew then was that I was made to choose, to live with it.

I was a happily married women just a few hours before. But now, my heart carried the most devastating message in it. I was tested positive for HIV-AIDS. The monster of the millennia which has no cure.

I had gone to the clinic for an entirely different reason. I guessed that I was pregnant. But it was just a wild guess, which I didn’t even share with him. All the series of mandatory tests got over. The doctor came in with a puzzled look. I guessed it was a wrong sign. And then came the most happiest moment in my life. The happiest two seconds, yes, it just lasted for two seconds ,when he confirmed that I was going to have a baby.

Then came the shrill voice of the doctor which still echoes in my ears.

‘But’ ,he hesitated ,’ We think you have the HIV virus tested active in you.’

I could not breathe, or think, or cry, or run away home.

As I reached home and he was waiting for me. He was my Prince Charming and I was his Cinderella. I always portrayed our marriage as a fairy tale. But I never knew that it would face such a disastrous end.

My face had a very bad habit. It would just blurt out all my feelings to him without allowing my mouth to do the job. And on that fateful day, it did the same. But the reason for all of it, he would never believe even in a dream.

I had to break both the news to him. I was not sure which would occupy my priority list first. With a stone heart, I told him that I was tested HIV positive.

Silence, was all that followed.

I didn’t know if I must tell him the other news. He was immersed in his own flow of thoughts. His silence gave a dreadful feeling to me as I blurted out, ‘Please don’t hate me!’.

I started sobbing when he pulled me closer to him and said, ‘I can never hate you dear ! Even if you turn an elf. This is just another virus. Pick up your arrow, let’s kill the devil together.’

He made me curl up a smile even in this sort of a situation. I felt guilty to have made him drown with worries. I stared right into his eyes and said, ‘Honey, I am carrying your baby. But… I don’t feel something right. If you don’t want me to have the baby..’.

‘What made you think so?’ , said he, cutting me short. ‘We are going to have a baby! Now wipe off your tears and tell me this news once again with all smiles in your face.’



‘Okay. We are going to have a baby. Was that okay?’

‘More emotions please.’

‘Oh my god! We are going to have a baby! Now?’

‘Umm…artificial..Another try.’

And so, it went on the whole night!

P.S: Any virus, be it HIV or Cancer cannot ruin one’s life if you are determined to live. So, stand up, stand tall and fight with it until your swords break!

A choice

I was stuck between two worlds, two paths, two goals. One goal was mine and the other was of my parents’. I had to choose any one. Only one, though.

My score in the exams were up to the mark for reaching a professional course, which was their dream. But I had a lot other plans. There was only one problem between me and my dream of reaching my goal. I had to talk, talk to my parents and make them understand how much my dream meant to me, which I was not confident about.

I loved art. I loved the colors and their mixtures. I had a special feeling towards them. I believed that every single picture spoke a special language with me, which I could alone understand. The feel was unique and different.

Initially, I used to paint only when I was depressed or stressed. But later it became a habit. When I came to know that my parents were not very much happy with me sitting alone with my pallet, I made it a secret habit. I would open my canvas only when they were asleep.

But now, it was time for me to bring everything to light. To make them know, to make them understand. But I had no clue how to do it.

I glanced at my desk and there were a dozen application forms to almost all the professional colleges in town piled up. But I could only see my half hidden pallet beneath it, but not the fluttering papers above. I had to tell them. But how and when was not known.

I gently closed my room’s door without any thud and picked up my color filled pallet. I smelled the paint and its unique smell. It made me fall deeper in love with it. All my paintings were a picturization of my feeling. When I was happy, they smiled with me and when I was sad, they cried with me. All my secrets were known to them and them only.

I heard someone calling me. When I turned back nothing was present other than my canvas. I picked it up and set the stand. My pallet glided in my hand with all the mixtures that I tried. And I started painting in my canvas, without any idea what it would turn to be.

My brushed stroked the sheet in smooth strides and everything my mind said was reflected in it. I completed it and took a step back to get a clear view. That was the time I realized I had lost my heart and soul to the art in front of me and without it I would just be a machine that could just roam around.

I had made the decision now. I had the confidence now. And I was more sure that they would understand!

P.S: Every dream is achievable when there is a strong deter and confidence towards it. Break off the obstacles in your way, for you have got only one dream and one life!

Friends Forever

Mid way of third semester, at the end of some boring class, I started to scribble some words on the paper which turned out to be a poem. I was about to make the paper into a ball and throw it away. But my friend next to me grabbed the book before I could do. Probably she was even more bored, I guess.

She read it and gave a look at me. A very puzzled look after which she scribbled something and passed the book. It is one among the most common means of communication when the teacher is strict or  for teachers who asks questions when she spots you talking.

Now I don’t understand that! The teacher very well knows that I was not listening, but still asks me questions on it. And when you keenly listen to it, the questions would be often on topics that are yet to be covered.

Coming back to the write back reply from my friend, I expected something like, ‘Have you gone nuts?’ or ‘Which guy is it?’ (with a question mark eyebrow) or ‘Happy that the lecture is more boring to you than me.’

But the thing is, a totally different thing was written in it.

‘Good one! When did you become a poet?’

And that was the moment when I really became a poet.

That didn’t stop. The book was passed on to all the three in my gang. Everyone bored and at the verge of closing their eyes flashed a smile at me saying it was good.

That was the moment I got inspired and turned optimistic about writing. Had that class not been there, had I not scribbled anything, had I listened to the class, things would have been a lot more different today.

Those small poems and short stories turned into a blog. My blog may not be famous or sort after. But it means something to me. Today, writing has become a part of me, like a soul mate. Had they not been there in my life at that time, I would have missed a perfect match of mine which completes me.

‘Life without a friend is just a void.’

They are like a life support to me whom I can cling to whenever I feel alone or aloof. We may get mad and have catty quarrels many a times but most often we laugh till tears leak out of our eyes.

The term ‘laughing to death’, made no sense till I met you girls. Every day and every second with you is memorable and I wish this life never ends.

I started this post with a funny note but it turned out to be a bit emotional. No doubt that this will again end tickling your ribs with the comments they come up with when I share this post.

The adventurous kid

It was a sunny evening and I was lying on my special Cinderella mat piece. I was almost asleep but something woke me up suddenly. My battery car, which I thought was lost for a long time, was lying under the television set. This toy was in particular, my favorite. It would always twinkle its pretty lights when it starts running. Also, it never hit the wall. Many of my toys were never that intelligent to not hit the wall. So, this was an obvious favorite.

It had been lost for quite some time and I was really worried about it. The moment I knew it was missing, I tried to communicate to my mother that I had just missed my favorite toy. But pity her, she didn’t get my language. Grown ups!

And today, finally, I found it. The big T.V set had been too greedy to take up my things, even as it had a lot of cartoon characters into it. Greedy TV !

Thanks to my Cinderella bed. Had it not been there on the floor on that spot, I would have not found the culprit.

I try to get up but, but due to laziness, my eyelids automatically close!

Oops! kids are not supposed to be lazy. Sorry, the author has a Grown Up syndrome too!

I spur into action as I get to my new found position on my knees and stride towards the TV set to fight with it. I reach till the TV set and then realize that I don’t have any previous experiences of fighting with it. Had it been my mom, I knew her greatest weakness- her hair. But what about TV sets?

I was confused. I stay a little longer under it trying to think about different ways. I turn around to call my mom for help but then I notice that she is fast asleep. I can wake her up, which is not a big deal. But if she doesn’t understand the importance of the situation and act fast, the TV might hide my toy somewhere else in its big body.

Analyzing all these facts, I spring into action myself and bend down deep so that my round body enters the lower space of the TV set. I am greeted by a few lizards and ants, who are my regular friends. They often play the game of hide and seek with me as I chase behind them to catch them. But I don’t understand why mom screams every time she a lizard. Again, the Grown Up syndrome I believe!

But today, I don’t have time to play with them as my single minded target is my toy car. I dig deep inside it and meet a few more cob-webs. But they never tire me. I try even more harder and finally reach my goal.

Now that I picked the car up, I didn’t know how to come out of the TV set. This big giant has engulfed me and here I lay unable to move. I use my emergency siren and cry load with rage.

Some one came running to rescue me. That was my mommy’s hand. I could recognize it. Also I hear a laugh behind her. What had happened?

It was then that I recognized that my daddy had been there all the while and instead of helping me, he had been taping the my whole adventure! Should I be angry or happy

Unforgettable stranger – #TheStranger #100words

That day was supposedly special as my sister was visiting us. I was walking my way towards the international arrivals when I accidentally dropped my wallet. I bent down to pick it up and the moment I stood back, I collided my head with a #TheStranger.

Some people just visit few seconds of your life but remain in your memory unerased. He was such a person. I can only remember the black jacket and the twinkle in his eyes. I didn’t know his race, land or creed. All I knew was the mesmerizing language that his eyes spoke with me!


#100words #TheStranger


Lovable Valentine..

‘Happy to be single’


‘Hopeful ! ‘

These were among the few status that caught my eyes on the v’day. Valentine’s day- when we hear that word, we picturize red roses afresh with crystal clear and sparkling due drops, bright red hearten shaped pillows adoring every glass wall of the gift shops, numerous valentine cards flocked at every stand and mesmerized lovers picking up a gift with utmost care.

Every online retailer would open up a new deal for the big day to attract customers with loads of offers. And almost every party hub would be packed with couples for the evening.

But what about the others who are yet to find a valentine? Do they ever come into picture? Nope!

Is there no celebration for them on the valentine’s day? Who said so?

Everyone adores a thing in their life that it becomes their valentine. For some it may be their pet dog, for some it may be their television set and for many, it would be their mobile phone.

The five reasons or it would be,

(1) My mobile is so very close to me. When I feel bored, I talk with Tom and Ginger. When I feel bored, I while away my time saying ‘mmmmmm’ with mmm fingers. When I feel adventurous I play Temple Run. When I am in a very girly mood, I dress up Barbie. And when I feel intellectual, I don’t do anything intellectual , but play word search.

(2) It keeps me occupied all time, every time. The front cam is my ultimate touch up mirror and the selfies in my gallery are countless. Every special moment is captured and saved with at most care.

(3) My panel is my style statement. Cool and filmy-glitzy panels are the trend of the day. Apart from protecting your mobile it gives a very chick look. As your accessories reflect you, panel is for your mobile.

(4) The big bold letters inscribed ‘ASUS’ is a sensation. Asus marks a class among all the smart mobiles. You got to be a proud owner of the mobile to carry it.

(5) And finally the sleek appearance gives an elegant look to the mobile. A mobile which is more bulgy and which refuses to get into the pocket often annoys us, but Zen phone lies in the contrary of it. Graceful to carry, you will love your new pal.

My new Valentine, ASUS Zen phone is a lot more cool than any other valentine you would have ever had. And yea, it plays a dual role, smart for girls and cute for guys! Check out the new age cool valentine and bash your valentine’s day! Cheers!

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Wacky proposals!

Everyone of us wait till the perfect moment to open up our hearts. But we never know if the perfect moment is really perfect even if we plan every nook and cranny. All the tiny flops would remain forever in your mind, afresh for a hundred year.


He was very nervous, waiting at table number 7. The sweat beads did not budge to stop in spite of the cold weather and the chilling air conditioner. He had hid a tiny box under the vase in their table. He made sure it was not visible and checked on everything for the ‘n’ th time.

She glided through the entrance like a fair mermaid and lit up a sparkling smile that could mesmerize anyone around. He could feel butterflies in his stomach by her mere arrival. He had no clue on how to let his feeling out.

He got up and gently hugged her. He politely pulled out the chair for her to sit and made her comfortable. She thanked him and lit the same smile again.

He tried hard not to fall off the ground and managed to drag his body back to his seat.

She looked more beautiful that day, at least for him. He tried to speak out now and then, but never succeeded in it. They were about to finish their dinner when the waiter came over with the bill. She insisted on paying but he refused and fished his pocket for his wallet.

But to his misery, the wallet was missing!

He didn’t have a clue where he left it and started panicking. She figured it out and grabbed the check to pay off the waiter.

Once the waiter left, he said, “Will you pay all my bills henceforth till the end of my life?”

She went wide eyed with his funny but serious proposal and thus started their love story.


Disclaimer: The characters or the blogger is not responsible for the ‘aftermath’ post-proposal. 😛 Cheers!