Dancing to the rhythm of hearts..

Dark blanket of the night wrapped around us,
Twinkling stars setting up the stage,
Song of crickets filling the background,
We dance to the rhythm of our hearts…




Lost and frightened, I broke off my path,

Doubting all my decisions, all my choices.

Can’t go back, can’t move on.


Stranded and ripped apart,

Hope was the last word.

Joy, forgotten; faith, broken.


Yet, miracles astound us, don’t they?

Around came a hand, pulling me up,

Guiding me through darkness.

One step, one time.


Dream or a gift, I never knew,

while hand in hand, we walked the way,

And in his eyes, I saw home.


Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult – a book review

Book : Handle with Care

Author : Jodi Picoult

Published year : 2009

‘Handle with Care’ -when you pick this book you are in for an ultimate experience in life. Sometimes when you pick a good book which connects with you, you wish for it to never end. Such was this novel to me.

The plot :

Willow O’Keefe, a tiny little girl whose precious life brightened all the people around her becomes the centre of a debate to determine if one’s life is really worth living.

Willow is perfect, except for her brittle bones which breaks on nothing more than a sneeze. She is beautiful, smart, loveable and has OI (Osteogenesis Imperfectia). Willow is the most adorable 5 year old I’ve come across, even if she happens to be fictional.

Charlotte O’Keefe, who manages every crisis that hits her daughter with all her courage, wants only the best for her daughter. That is why she finds herself stuck in a complete chaos when she finds that providing the best care for Willow might mean suing her Obstetrician, who happens to be Charlotte’s only best friend.

Amelia O’Keefe, a caring big sister, fights her own battles. She loves Willow every inch, broken or intact. As fate has it, she faces problems like every other teenage girl yet ends up finding imprudent ways to get out of it.

Lieutenant Sean O’Keefe, a protecting father, cannot stand to see his family falling apart. He defies his wife to make her understand that life would have never been the same if his loving daughter had not been there. In spite of a million difference between Sean and Charlotte, their love for each other is always the same.

Marin Gates, the attorney, represents Charlotte  in the case against Piper Recee. Marin, apart from fighting this battle for Charlotte, fights her own battle to find her birth mother. When Charlotte walks in with the case stating she would have rather not had Willow had her obstetrician warned before, Marin doubts if her birth mother had wanted the same.

What are you in for?

A heart touching story which stays in mind and heart long after you close the book. Different people, different stories. Each character speaks to you from the author’s heart. And when Willow speaks to you at last, beware for your heart might just melt and flow out right away.

Take aways?

We fight so hard in life that when we finally get what we fought for, do we really feel like we won? Is it even worth it?

Favourite quotes from the book:

‘If Piper’s the one you notice when you walk into a room, with her boy-cut blond hair and forever legs and her wide smile, Charlotte’s the one you find yourself thinking about long after you’ve left.’

‘When you love someone, you say their name different. Like it’s safe inside your mouth.’

‘When you showed someone how you felt, it was fresh and honest. When you told someone how you felt, there might be nothing behind the words but habit or expectation. Those three words were what everyone used; simple syllables couldn’t contain something as rare as what I felt for Sean.’

‘People always say that, when you love someone, nothing in the world matter. But that’s not true, is it? You know, and I know, that when you love someone, everything in the world matter a little bit more.’

‘Here are the things I know for sure: When you think you’re right, you are most likely wrong. Things that break-be they bones, hearts or promises-can be put back together but will never really be whole. And, in spite of what I said, you can miss a person you’ve never known. I learn this over and over again, every day I spend without you.’


This book was a random pick at a book fair and I am glad to admit that I did not even regret a page in the book. I don’t want to rate it because this book can’t be expressed with numbers alone, it is much more.

Let me know what you think! Great week, people 🙂

Ghosty girl

Into the night I walked,

Like a ghost from the past.

Shadows trailing behind,

Slow moving curtains.

Did I scare the cat that screeched

Or did it screech and scare me?

Long nails and unkept hair,

Pale skin and spooky eyes.

Matched them all,

Tip to torso.

I can play this all night,

Until the empty attic flicks on its light.




Silence Speaks

I walked a lane all alone,

Until you came along,

Making me watch rainbows,

Where I saw just the clouds.


We spoke our hearts out,

Stories shared,

Memories kindled,

Magic made.


Listening to you talk,

Filled my little day,

With all bliss,

Upto the brim.


Yet, when the moon was up,

Glittering with stars,

In the far and wide sky,

The stories did exhaust.


Our words may drown down,

But it left no void,

For our eyes to meet and stall,

In silence we spoke.


A little secret we shared,

When our eyes met,

A thousand words,

That single glance.


As my eyelids close,

Into a deep dreamy sleep,

Silence is all that floods me,

And so does peace.


Up or down the vantage point

From the edge of the mountain top,

The world looks so quite and calm,

Even as it is filled to the brim with chaos.


There are a hundred million stars over my head,

Far away lights from the front poach of the homes,

Dead wood cracking inside the fire, burning red – the ember.


Silence is in the air but the song that I hear is unique,

A mild blow of the wind whistling in my ear,

Rustle of the dead leaves awaiting its departure.


Is it so beautiful because I am at the top?

Or is it the same even far, far below?

Everyone fancies the vantage point!


It’s the same place, the same world,

The world, too beautiful to live in,

Or too beautiful to leave.



Don’t wait for the wind, when a breeze is all you need.

I walked to the shore,

Bare foot, hair down,

Wanting to see the Sun rise,

Behind the cold water,

Over the blue horizon.


The chill was biting my skin,

I hoped for some warmth,

From the Sun, still hidden.


The waves kissed my feet,

Turtles running along,

The morning birds chirped,

Keeping me company,

Singing a song.


So much beauty was around,

Yet the one thing I was desperate for,

Was the warmth from the Sun.


I strolled all over the shore,

Until my legs screamed for some rest.

I sat on a dead log,

Covered green in algae,

Waiting for the waves to pull it in.


The once majestic tree,

Was vulnerable and bare,

With layers peeled off.


It never whined or rambled,

Never chased off the parasites,

Never peeled the algae away,

Never pushed me off when I took refugee.

It served a purpose even after life.


In our life, we walk all over the sand,

Wanting to leave an imprint,

Forgetting the wave washing after.


I realized,

The Sun was always there,

In your view or not.

The light is always there,

Day or night.


In our quest for the Sun,

We fail to notice the hidden stars,

Or the miracle comet passing by.


Take a step back,

Take a deep breath,

Feel the warmth in your life.

Don’t wait for the wind,

When a mild breeze is all that’s needed to lift you up!


To the rain misting my window

The rain is lashing on my roof

Splashing on my window panes

Misting the outer world


My clumsy mind

Clouds up in dreams

Too lovely to be tossed away


I wish you were here

Right now

Right next to me


Holding my hand

Caressing my hair

Talking stories all day long


My lonely heart

Doodles imageries

Dreaming all the while


I don’t have a hope

I don’t want to

I wish I could just bury my feelings


Deep, deep in the ground

And never let it grow

But the rain waters it to sprout again!


A pleasant jungle, you and I

Lets get all cozy

under that one blanket

On a Saturday night

Watching Netflix

Flying pop corn around.


My head resting on your shoulders

You caressing my hair

We holding hands.


A warm home

Giggle filled.

In a pleasant jungle

You and I.



One Smile made it all !

It was 10AM,
Yet I was just so done.
Bright was the sky,
But I saw no Sun.

Steam from the coffee shop,
Circling round and round.
Rock and roll from the jukebox,
Old pop, no cheer around.

Distracted, my eyes loitered,
Turning the pages of who’s who,
A gush of wind and tinkling bells,
My gaze found you.

Tucking your hair back,
Adjusting glasses in place,
A pencil between those pink lips,
A white dress of lace.

So immersed in thinking,
I’d kill to read that mind.
My breath was so lost,
Searching, where do I find?

Your eyes behind those glasses,
Speaking a million words,
I envied that paper,
Deciphering your world.

I prayed for those eyes
To look up and see me once,
Angels do exist,
My sharp luck now blunt.

I hid behind the menu,
So pathetic, my instincts.
Swearing and cursing was all left,
Good day, bad stint.

Pulling over my jacket,
I walked past you.
Dropping a note,
Out of the blue.

In the cold air,
I walked away.
Behind the glass door,
Your smile made my day!