I walked,
Past all those living mortals,
Too busy to laugh.

I passed,
For those crooked souls,
Who looked through me.

Like I’m wrapped,
In a magic blanket,
Hiding me beneath.

I ran,
I’m running from things,
Which would never change.

I prefer,
For its the safe haven,
Hidden, yet not !



Book review- Tell me your real story

Tell Me Your Real Story.
Most often any piece of writing you either write or plan to pen down will be a an effect of what inspired you or how you desire to inspire others. The poetess Savita Nair is nothing short of becoming your modern icon. Her thoughts are bold and blarrers right out of the book.

The poems are just one of a kind which is just not the usual ones that you would read or expect to be in every other poetry collection.

Poetry, I guess had a significant feeling which is just like a song or your favorite book. Its an escape from the world, a heavenly adobe for the writer and the reader as well. The poems in this book says how the world as it exactly is, never an escape.

Some of the poems in the book were genuinely great and it pushed me to read it over and over, which in turn explains my late review for the book!

The things that run inside a 20ish women’s mind about first dates, work, home, dates, Friday nights ,men, love, breakup , and to all the other wired feelings that run around like crazy in the mind were all been fished out and given words but interestingly in a different way.

I’ve shared some of my favorite quotes form the book…

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest I never tried
Because it felt good to have burnt in passion
Which forever, I thought had died

Let’s not make any compromise whatsoever
And live today, as if we had forever

Good read if you are planning for something out of the routine and different!

Sleepless nights..

The night was more beautiful than ever,
And now my eyes are scared,
For the night may just end,
If the sleep creeps in..

Wide awake ,
Counting the bumps on my ceiling,
Wide awake,
Listening to the crickets sing..



An ex-affair..

A good cup of coffee will get me going,

Yes, with two cubes of sugar,

And no, I ain’t dieting.


That was my regular dose,

But never like gran’s drugs,

Not even close.


Until one day, the routine broke,

The bitterness suddenly took over,

Making me choke.


Wasn’t it your favorite drink?

You may ask !

But right now, we just don’t sync.


Was it not hard to end up things

Dusting your relationship

Which now never rings?


Oh, why not ?

When it is possible with people with souls,

This is just a beverage without goals !



To that girl in the mirror

Why ! Are they tears ?
Flowing by silently
Still making a wave

Because someone said
You are just not worthy enough?

Because your heart aches
Thinking you might fall?

Because your tiara
Fell and broke to a million pieces?

Because you are alone now
And never known loneliness this far?

Because there is a silent battle
Pain and scars?

Don’t you worry then
For it is not bad as it seems

There is always ample sunlight
After a dark night

There is always ample love to life
After a hard fight!


Just that and nothing more..

The hidden peaks,
And sneaky smiles..
Fewer the words
Greater the nods..
The short stories dragged,
Still eager for more..
Waiting for a wave,
Nothing more..
For the smile in you
And me..just nothing more !

gift pic

The Gift by Danielle Steel- A book review

Danielle Steel books are known for their emotional factors and touchy segments. This book adds up yet another color to the already brilliant rainbow of the Steel books. The story picks up pace in the first half but the un-put-down-able factor recedes in the second half of the book. But all of it makes up to the total theme and value that the books depicts.

The story stars with a little girl named Annie Whitaker and the happiness that she had brought about to the family of Whitaker’s.It is Christmas time and when everyone thinks that their life could not be more better, a thunder strikes in the family as they lose Annie. The death of the child would alter the family ties forever, until one fine day when Maribeth walks into their lives.

Tommy Whitaker, the loving elder brother of Annie, devastated by his sister’s death would instantly get attracted to the sixteen year old pregnant waitress, Maribeth. The travel of 250 miles would suddenly start to make some sense to Maribeth as the book reveals. Tommy would be pictured as having an exceptionally good heart like the typical male characters whom we can find only in novels. The birth of Maribeth’s baby and the happiness that it would finally bring about to the Whitaker’s family makes the book worthy to try.

E-book version is available for free. The paperback lovers like me, can grab a book and get going with it.

My favorite quote from the book :


I felt like this captured the whole essence of living and giving something to others in the process.


I forgot to admire…

I forgot to admire,

the glow

of the golden sun,

an orange spread

in the far off skies..


I forgot to admire,

the shimmer

the lanterns

mesmerizing eyes

up and above…


I forgot to admire,

the gush

the waterfall

sprinkling a million diamonds

misty, chill…


I forgot to admire,

every one of it,

For the beauty in you,

imperfectly perfect,

Right next to me!



Feel the rain

Quick came the uninvited guest,

Crashing at the gravel.

Hurried knocks on the door,

Along came the carol.

Thrashing was the thunderbolt,

Never seizing to startle.

Drips of crystals,

Dangling from heaven,

Of a vacationing Sun,

Croaking frogs and seagulls.

‘ Some people feel the rain,

Others just get wet. ‘




With Blue Ink Of the Oceans by Anu Joshy – A book review

With Blue Ink Of the Oceans is a collection of poems written by Anu Joshy, published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. On the first hand, I would like to thank the publishing house for sending me a copy of the book and my appreciation for the house in encouraging young poets and poetess. This book carries an outstanding collection of poems written by the poetess Anu Joshy.

The cover speaks for the elegance of poetry collection inside the book. A poem becomes more close to you when it becomes relatable to you. And in that sense, every poem written by the poetess touched my heart.

The book puts forward the amount of pain that a person faces when cupid fails and in spite of that it encourages us to break those barriers of hurt and move on for a better tomorrow. It boosts up our spirit and serves as a virtual guide for young women who face crisis. You come to know that depths of depression hit not only you, but others face it too. And we can look up to the caressing words put forward by the poetess.

A few of the poems like ‘Nomad’ stayed with me longer than I thought it would. This particular poem pictures a scene in every day train journey and the description is way too good. The poem ‘River only flows forward’ made its own impression relating nature and life. ‘Stranger in my heart’, ‘Reflections’, ‘A friend to all’ ,are all my favorites from the book.

I have a longer list of favorites but I don’t want to put forward any spoilers, saving it for you to enjoy. After a dosage of 400 paged novels, I felt refreshing to read this compact book. Also every poem was different and had a new thought in it. There are a lot of brilliant works by Anu Joshy in the book and it is worth spending your time with. Tech nerds can grab an e-book too!

In all, a refreshing and valuable book. A good choice of read; recommended for young women.