The high-heeled stranger

Smoke veiled the crowded room

The air thick, smelling whiskey

The jukebox blaring country music.

I sat in a corner, hidden from the shimmer

Almost like a ghost, disguised in the dark.

The snow out the window, mild and crisp

Building up to cover the hoods

Lights from the traffic buzzing around.

There she hopped, out of her car

A red Cadillac, cigarette in hand.

Long legs parading in clicking high heels

The flicker of her lighter sparking up eyes

Making heads turn, words hanging mid-air.

Oh she’d never notice, this shrouded soul

Concealed in the corner, oblivious to the world.

As she walks past, I bury my eyes in beer

Oops! She stops, pulling the chair across

One leg on the other, blowing out the smoke.

‘How are you?’, the words come my way

As I tilt to see her eyes, naughtily sedating.

‘Oh, good!’, I stutter, heart failing to beat

The hair on my arms standing upright

‘How good?’, she chuckles, a wink on its way

The gloomy clown just walked away.


  1. my valiant soul · December 2, 2018


    • Sara · December 2, 2018

      Thank you 😊

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